Work safe began its OHS journey in 2010 by a group of health and safety professionals, and people who who believed in philanthropic ideas of social justice & Decent work agenda.

Who we Are

WORK SAFE is a non-governmental organization actively involved in promoting occupational health and safety among small, medium scale industries & unorganized sector in India since 2010 with a broad based volunteers ranging from OHS professionals to community volunteers.

The general objectives of creating awareness, imparting basic  training in occupational health & safety apart from building supportive groups for unorganised sector workers.

Stake holders being Employers, Employees, Trade unions, Administrators, Health & Safety professionals, Health & Safety institutions, Small & Medium scale industry associations, Unorganized sector associations and the Government.

Why we are here

90 % Indian workforce belong to the small establishments and a large organized sector workers. Unorganised workplaces are strongly associated with decent work deficits, quality of jobs, poverty, low productivity, discrimination, exclusion, insecurity and vulnerabilities in labour market. Workers at these workplaces are exposed to wide variety of hazards and risks at their workplaces making them vulnerable to injuries, death & diseases.

Lack of awareness on safe working, non – accessibility & affordability to occupational health & safety services has resulted in increased number of occupational disease and injuries among these group.

Even though their contribution to national GDP is 60%, they have been devoid of basic workplace protection and ineffective social security system.

WorkSafe with its strong group of volunteers is joining hands with all stakeholders to bridge this gap of inequality and taking a practical approach as it demystifies transitions to formality, looking at all possible approaches that can present win-win situations for workers, entrepreneurs and enterprises, communities, and the State.

What we Do

  • Create awareness among employer’s, employees, trade unions and community on hazards & risks present at workplaces and importance of adopting healthy and safe work culture to safeguard the interests of individual and organizations.
  • Provide formal and informal training through participatory approach in planning, designing and implementation of basic occupational health services among small, medium and unorganized sector workplaces.
  • Provide expertise in establishing occupational health centres and safety departments at their workplaces.
  • Capacity building – Build a strong network of occupational health and safety professionals, occupational health nurses, industrial hygienists and related stakeholders through training.
  • Extend support to poor, underprivileged unorganized sector workers to break the cycle of deprivation and thus contributing to social justice and decent job agenda.

How we Do

WORKSAFE hold regular discussion with the unorganised sector workers to understand their health and safety issues, our professional OHS volunteers brainstorm to find amicable solution either though implementing WISE programm for small enterprises or BOSH programme for larger organisations.

Consensus building among the stakeholder is an important tool to achieve our target.