Basic Occupational Health Services (BOSH) Programme

The Constitution of India states that ‘State shall make provisions for securing just and humane conditions of work’.
In India 90% of workforce belong to unorganised sector and small-medium enterprises, while the occupational health services are visible only in organised sector and major industries.

Even where such services are available, their quality and relevance may be low . The needs for occupational health services are growing continuously, however, and new challenges are continually being set by new developments in the globalization of worklife.

This provides the basis for provision of occupational health services to all citizens of the country.

The ultimate objective of the BOHS initiative is to provide occupational health services for all working people in the country, regardless of the sector of economy, mode of employment, size of the workplace, or geographic location.
The BOHS concept envisages coverage of all workers and has a strong focus on prevention. They are to be provided for SMEs as well as self-employed persons through public services.

The BOHS aim at:

  • Protection of health at work,
  • Promotion of health, well being, work ability and
  • Prevention of occupational diseases and accidents.

The Main components of BOHS are :-

  • Surveillance of work environment and risk assessment
  • Health surveillance and health examinations
  • Advice on preventive and control measures
  • Health education and health promotion, and promotion of work ability
  • Maintaining preparedness for first aid and participation in emergency preparedness
  • Diagnosis of occupational diseases
  • Record keeping