Creating health and safety awareness among Unorganized sector workers
Unorganised workers lack  awarenss on the hazards at their workplace, knowledge about the chemical used, impact on health make them prone for taking up risky, unprotected jobs.  Another important challenge is unorganized sector workers are so scattered , that it is difficult to bring them together for providing occupational health and safety awareness sessions.

WORKSAFE assembled the bangalore city  manual garbage handlers to create awareness on the hazards and risks involved in their  solid waste management job. Risk physical injuries, skin and respiratory infections were highlighted.

WORKSAFE created awaneness on sharp and needle stick injuries at solid waste collection job and highlighted the significance of personal protection through Personal protective equipment’s.

Skin problems ( Dermatitis) are common among painters. WORKSAFE explained the risk of unprotected painting job while creating awareness on group of painters on chemical hazards due to paint and solvents. We also provide them with personal protective equipments.

EYE INJURIES are quite common in cutting process. WORKSAFE members explained the risks involved and provided safety goggles to neighboring worker. However, the gloves were refused by the worker fearing he might lose precision of process. (Challenges)