Work Improvement in Small Enterprises (WISE) is a training programme that empowers small and medium enterprises to take practical and low-cost action to improve working conditions.

The training emphasizes the link between good working conditions and productivity and the importance of employer-employee cooperation to achieving positive change.

How is WISE different from other training packages

WISE is not a traditional skills training. The approach is highly participatory and promotes the adoption of local solutions for local problems. At the end of the training, participants build personalized action plans using the WISE Checklists. They are then supported by WORKSAFE to carry out and maintain planned improvements by their volunteers/trainers.

What does WISE training cover ?

This package which is adopted from International Labor Organisation consists of eight modules:

  • WISE module 1, Materials storage and handling
  • WISE module 2, Workstation design
  • WISE module 3, Machine safety
  • WISE module 4, Control of hazardous substances
  • WISE module 5, Lighting
  • WISE module 6, Work-related welfare facilities
  • WISE module 7, Work premises
  • WISE module 8, Work organization