The inaugural ceremony – AFIH second batch, 2018

The inaugural ceremony of 2nd batch of Associate Fellow of Industrial Health was held on on 2nd April 2018 at Regional Occupational Health Centre (South), Bangalore. The program was commenced by Ganapathi-Vandana followed by lighting of lamp by a group of dignitaries Dr.Kamalesh Sarkar (Director, NIOH),Dr.H.R.Rajmohan,(Ex-Officer-in-Charge, ROHC), Dr.S.K.Ghosh, (Officer-in-Charge), Dr.Jayaraj (Faculty for AFIH), Dr.B.Ravichandran, Officer-in-Charge welcomed all the dignitaries present on the dais and participants from various states and colleagues.

The programme was hosted by Mrs.N.Thara. She mentioned about the leadership qualities of Dr.Ravichandran, who always aims about bringing together everybody to make this course a fruitful one.

Dr.Rajmohan briefed about the importance of the course and encouraged the participants to do great work by loving what they do. Dr.Prashanth Mathur, spoke on importance of the course and encouraged participants to accept the challenges presented by the need for holistic approaches to the pressing problems of our time. Dr. Ghosh, motivated the participants with his encouraging words and asked the participants to dig into the roots of the subjects to learn more.

Dr. Kamalesh Sarkar, described the importance of Occupational Health and related fields and how they are interconnected from a long time. He motivated everyone to actively participate in the course to get benefited. He wished for the success of the Course and inspired the participants for academically rewarding stay in ROHCS, Bangalore.

Dr. Ashok, Deputy Director (Medical) ,DoFB, Karnataka addressed the gathering , emphasised the role of Medical officers in industries to address new challenges.

Participants of 1st batch Dr. Harish Reddy, Dr. Anuradha Bhat, Dr. Sayeeda Asiya, Dr.Prabhakar shared their experiences which really made the coming batch feel happy to step forward in their course.

Dr. Jakkam Surender offered a vote of thanked all the dignitaries, invitees, faculty & students of the course. He also thanked DGFASLI for permitting us to conduct the Course with all kinds of facilities to conduct this course in the centre.