The concept of Vision Zero is based on four fundamental principles viz. life is non-negotiable, humans are fallible, tolerable limits are defined by human physical resistance, and people are entitled to  safe & healthy workplaces. The Vision is based on principles of Controlling Risks, Ensuring Safety and Health in Machines, Equipment and Workplaces and OHS training of Workforce.

The concept of ‘Vision Zero’ is fast gaining international acceptance and is expected to leverage the efforts of the Government of India to raise the occupational safety and health standards in the country to improve the occupational safety and health situation.

Given the wide demographic profile of India, it will be a long and hard journey to achieve the goal by  by government alone. Lack of resources, Lack of expertise, Poor data collection would  add to the agony of the implementing  a system of occupational safety and health among unorganized sector & small enterprises.

We as an NGO join hands with the governments to bridge this gap and together try to  achieve the common agenda of  vision zero and decent work.